Why Us

At MGL, we deliver projects maintaining the required standards ensuring all QA/QC procedures in a timely and a cost effective manner. We’re dedicated to provide the best by keeping our drafting solutions and concepts reliable, effective and of the utmost quality.

We are a professional drafting and detailing service provider in Architectural, Structural and Precast Industries with a strong positive reputation within Building associations, Precast Associations, Professional associations, Precast Manufacturers and most importantly our Clients.


With 6+ years in Precast Industry, we have a sound knowledge for various Designing and detailing of projects of various commercial buildings like Hotels, Malls, Churches, Educational institutions, Community Hub, Residential like New homes, Apartments, Large Renovations alongside Infrastructural projects such as Bridge and Bridge extensions etc.

MGL Design Group is an privately held self performing engineering firm, providing master workmanship in Architectural and Structural engineering, Designing and detailing of Reinforced concrete and Precast concrete Structures and serve these expertise to our local and International clients round the world.

Precast Designing and Product Detailing

We specialise by providing services in the field of structural design and detailing of precast concrete building elements

Our staff that is handpicked has vast experience across a range of engineering disciplines, enabling us to complete our projects in time and in accordance to the highest quality standards and within Clients Budget.


MGL Design Group strives to stay at the leading edge of our industry, utilising advance designing and detailing software’s to perform precise BIM modelling to simulate all parts of building structure virtually.

The ability to model every component and system within a building in a 3D virtual environment enables us to identify potential issues before they arise in the field and confirm the overall fit and function of every piece of the structure. Using BIM, we are able to serve our clients with improved accuracy, shorter lead times, better cost estimation, clash detection, reduction in construction error cost by enhancing overall quality of any project