MGL Group was founded in 2012 by Chetan Lila and has been growing ever since.

Lila studied in Perth, Australia as an engineer and gained a wealth of experience in the precast engineering field. He soon realised the opportunity to supply precast drafting services to Australian companies using the skills and labour available back in India, and so MGL was started.

Over time he built a team of like minded professionals around him allowing us to expand and MGL Group was formed. We now offer precast concrete drafting, mechanical drafting, civil drafting, architectural drafting, accounting services, blockchain services and cloud services with plans to build new departments in the future.

We believe that good business flows out of good relationships, trust and communication and we currently have more than 30 clients across 3 countries and are always looking for new opportunities to grow and develop our business.

Meet the team

Chetan Lila

Chetan Lila


After completing his engineering studies in Australia, Lila founded MGL Group when he saw the opportunity to use the skill base in India to complete high-quality work at a competitive rate. Lila is passionate about business, passionate about his clients and passionate about his workers. As an entrepreneur and visionary, he is constantly working to improve and expand MGL. Lila is a proud father and husband and enjoys walks with his wife, nights watching Landline and networking with like-minded people.

Piyush Patel

Piyush “PP” Patel

Architectural Drafting

Piyush has been with MGL since the very start. He got his education and initial work experience in New Zealand in 3D Animation and Computer Application, before teaching Graphics, Web Designing and Animation. His 10+ years of experience with MGL and working with many different Australian architects has given him valuable insights of the Australian Architectural industry. He is a family guy and loves craftwork, sketching, and creating 3D models.

Punit Girgalani

Punit “Pat” Girgalani

Precast Detailing

Pat is one of MGL’s first employees, starting with the company back in 2013. He is highly skilled in communication, detailing, management and loves what he does. Pat ensures his team is highly-trained and up-to-date with industry standards and works alongside his clients to complete their work within time and pricing constraints. Apart from work, he loves hanging with his mates, outdoor activities, traditional Gujarati dance and travel.

Vishal Pambhar

Vishal Pambhar

Mechanical Drafting

Vishal joined MGL in 2021, excited to expand their capabilities into the Mechanical Engineering sector. Throughout his career, Vishal has worked with some of the biggest names in the UK aerospace sector and has worked with several engineering companies across the UK & India. He brings his extensive industry experience to the work he supplies for his Australian clients. In his spare time, Vishal enjoys reading and teaching, and is a keen traveller.

Vishal Pandya

Vishal Pandya

Accounting Services

Vishal studied and worked in the accounting sector in Australia for 7+ years. Upon returning to India, Vishal gained exposure in a leading outsourcing firm. He then brought this deep experience in to MGL Group to head up the Accounting Division. Over the course of many years, Vishal has built amazing relationships with his clients that share mutual trust and support to complete high-quality work. He also works hard to empower and upskill his team of accountants. After work, he enjoys playing cricket, badminton and watching movies with his family.

Dr. Minal Shukla

Blockchain Services

Dr. Minal Shukla is recently working in industry as a Blockchain project manager with cryptography expertise, in Blockchain department of MGL Group Rajkot. She is also having academic experience of more than 13 years. She is a research supervisor, in Marwadi University and her area of specialization is graph theory. She has completed her Ph.D. from department of mathematics, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. She has published 13 research papers in various national and international journals. She is a life member of various mathematical bodies and also editorial board member of national and international journals .She is a life member of Ramanujan Mathematical Society, Indian Mathematical Society and Academy of discrete mathematics. She is also editorial board member of international journal for innovative research in multidisciplinary field and international journal of research Culture Society.

Roger Hartley

Roger Hartley


Roger is the founder of a consulting business with a heart to bridge the gap between India and the world. MGL has engaged his skills and services to make use of his extensive experience in, and heart for, India. Originally from the UK, Roger is married to an Australian and they are raising their two girls in India. He currently heads up the sales team, spending time on the phone having a good chat with prospective clients. Roger is an avid cycler, lover of traditional Gujarati food and enjoys spending time with his family.