Mechanical Drafting

One of our newer divisions, our mechanical design team, has experience working in the UK aerospace industry, the Australian oil and gas industry, and have designed moulds and fixtures. We primarily use SolidWorks but are happy to accommodate other software to meet our clients needs.

Our capabilities include the following areas:

Drafting and drawing generation

  • Convert 2D drawings to a 3D model or vice versa
  • Design/accommodate new parts within existing designs
  • Modifications to existing designs

Fixture design

  • We can design any fixture for all forms of machining
MGL Group
MGL Group

Drawing conversion, unit conversion and dimensional verification

  • We can convert outdated drawings to usable 3D models
  • Imperial to metric

Precast mould design and drafting

  • Our mechanical and precast teams can collaborate to offer quality mould drafting and design services
  • Our experience and expertise in both fields allow us to offer a unique service

Vishal Pambhar

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Some of our projects

Shelter Assembly
Head Assembly
Mould – Closed
Mould – Open